Privacy Policy

DiscountCodeking focus at providing people with all therights which has been making them resolve the issue where saving and availingthe best is involved. We try to make sure that customers have the facility inevery possible way, whether it’s related to personal information security orpertaining to the services provided by the platform.

• SecureData

Data collection from the customer is kept secured under thedata protection laws in USA. It is also made sure by our team that everyinformation provided is based on accuracy and authenticity. The website keepson informing and updating customers with the renewed deals and discountsoffered to bring convenience in their lives. The wide selection of the offersare displayed at the website with the consent of the retailers. Most of thetime the deals are not made visible to the customers as per the retailers requestwho don’t want to share the information.

Clicking on the coupons on the platform results in makingcustomers land at the pages where every information pertaining to the deals areprovided following the crystal clear policy.

• Newsletter –

If you want to opt for the Newsletter at the store throughemail which enables all the promotional deals provided to the customers makingthings work for them. This will enable us in getting to know what can make usbetter where the needs of our loyal customers are concerned.

Along with the subscribing the option of unsubscribing isalso made available to the customers at any point of time.

• Cookies:

We at our website use cookies to make ourselves opt for thetechnology through which keeping a track of the traffic can be maintained. Thisenable us to get an idea that which pages had the most frequent visits alongwith the pages of the affiliate retailers.

• Linking:

We can provide the links to all the websites which areinclusive of our affiliate partner’s online stores. Though the privacy andservices are not the subject of our concern as this is not under our control.The content is by all means secured by means of intellectual property rights.

• Amendmentsin the Policy:

DiscountCodeking have the ultimate right to make changes inthe privacy policy which can be in one section or may be as whole. Thesechanges are subject to be in effect on immediate basis. The version mentionedat the bottom of the page reflects it being latest or old one. This encouragepeople to visit the pages on regular basis to make them stay updated.

The usage of the website is confirmed that customer hasread, understood and accepted the terms which are being mentioned in our privacypolicy.

• CustomerService:

The website makes sure that their valuedcustomers be provided with the right information to all the query they have intheir mind. This is the reason the customer service at the website providepeople with the effective outcomes to give accurate answers.